Sonus Dept.がFM8用の「Autumn Tales」をリリース

Sonus Dept.がFM8用の「Autumn Tales」をリリースしました。
Autumn Tales features 25 patches that can fit a wide number of genres: they can be the basement of an ambient track or a cinematic passage, or the spice that enriches a techno or an experimental piece. The sounds of this compact yet powerful library are surprising and melancholic like the season of falling leaves is.
A special care has been put in the morph control: this gives each sound a timbral variety such that you have four patches in one (and all their different blends). You get 25 files, but you have 100 sounds to play with!
There are not many FM8 libraries, especially out of bass and e-piano collections: with Autumn Tales you can add more colours to your sonic palette - and best of all, for free!



Autumn Tales
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Audio Mind Projectの10のサウンドセットが無償ダウンロード可能に

Audio Mind Projectの10のサウンドセットが無償でダウンロードできるようになったそうです。
Audio Mind Project has decided to make all of their soundsets available to everyone. This means the sounds can be downloaded free of charge

  • LuSH-101 Ultimate Expansion Vol. 1-3 – 500 sounds
  • FM8 Experience – 200 sounds
  • DCAM: Synth Squad Pure Energy Vol. 1-2 – 277 sounds
  • TAL-U-NO-LX Past and Presence – 128 sounds
  • TAL-BassLine Freakshow – 129 sounds
  • V-Station Virtual Reality – 144 sounds
  • U-he TyrellN6 Moonshine – 65 sounds


Audio Mind Project – VSTi Soundsets
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A Sound Effectが「41 Premium Ambisonic Sound Effects」を期間限定で無償配布中

A Sound Effectが「41 Premium Ambisonic Sound Effects」を2017年9月26日まで無償で配布しています。
With the release of two new ambisonic SFX libraries by U.S.O., I think it’s time to celebrate what a unique collection of ambisonic libraries we have here on the site. As far as I’m aware, A Sound Effect is home to the largest, most diverse collection of ambisonic SFX libraries available anywhere – that’s pretty big, in my book.

So how do we celebrate that? Two ways: 1: There’s a massive sale on ambisonic SFX here right now – and 2: Last year, we gave away a selection of ambisonic sound effects for a very brief period, and I’ve since received numerous requests to bring back that pack. So, by popular demand, here it is again!

But not only that: This time around, we’ve sweetened it by including even more sounds, bringing the total to nearly 3 GBs worth of ambisonic sound effects (more than 68 minutes!) – completely free.


Giveaway: Get 41 Premium Ambisonic Sound Effects (2.9 GB / 68+ minutes) – for free! | A Sound Effect
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